Foothills Massage Therapy

When we work together, I custom-design and specialize each massage just for you, intuitively bringing in a variety of techniques. The needs of your body are different every day, so every session becomes a uniquely wonderful experience that meets you right where you are.

Your body is an incredible machine. Massage is a tool that helps you move toward healing and lets your life force shine. Regular massage also increases flexibility and circulation while reducing blood pressure and stress. So, we keep the focus on your injury or pain as well as on your magnificent potential.

“Combining over 30 years of massage practice with 15 years of teaching in an array of settings, I bring a wealth of information, intuition and caring touch into each session. My goal is to partner with you and co-create the healing your body, mind and spirit crave.”

– Jena Herrle

OR License #7046 • WA License #4514